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This is the vanity plate of Scot Armstrong.

(April 4, 2012-October 8, 2017)

Logo: We see footage of everyday things (a different one in every episode for Best Friends Forever and season 1 of Dice), all accompanied by the company name in white in a weird-esque font. And depending on the episode of the two aforementioned series, these are all the footage variants described:

  • A man wearing a red patterned shirt smashes a thin long wood stump in half with his axe on a path with grass, as a tan-gold dog runs into frame, barking and looking at the wood piece (used in the pilot of Best Friends Forever, every episode of Animal Practice, season 1 eps 1, 3 and 6 and season 2 of Dice).
  • On a table in a place, a bowl consisting of nachos and chips slides from the left into frame, as a hand then grabs one of the chips (used in the Best Friends Forever episode "The Butt Dial" and the Dice episode "Sal Maldonado").
  • In a bowling alley, we see an area consisting of three bowling balls, as a gold ball then rolls into frame onto the stack (used in the Best Friends Forever episode "Put a Pin in It").
  • In a backyard with clotheslines and pegs on it, a teal-blue patterned polo shirt is seen hanging on it, which a woman wearing a bright red shirt and blue shorts grabs off from (used in the Best Friends Forever episode "Single and Lovin' It").
  • In another backyard, a man wearing a gray-red polo shirt and black pants pulls out a cooked turkey from a silver pot using a gray skewer poke, while smoke steams out from it (used in the Best Friends Forever episode "Hey Nonny Nonny").
  • At an area, a man wearing a red patterned shirt uses a power saw with his arm to chop a long wooden piece in half (used in the Best Friends Forever episode "Fatal Blow Out").
  • A closeup of a lane with bowling pins is seen as a black ball rolls into frame, knocking out all of them in the process (used in the Dice episode "Ego").
  • A man is seen using a red lawnmower on the grass as he then pulls the trigger to start it up and moves along (used in the Dice episode "Alimony").

Text Variants:

  • On Animal Practice, the text is stretched.
  • On Dice, the 1st text variant is larger and is in delayed motion for a split-second.

Technique: It's all live-action.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant or none. Starting in 2016, a six-note kazoo tune is heard over the sound effects. Original NBC airings had a generic theme and a voiceover.

Availability: Seen on the shows listed above. It does not appear on the 2014 film Search Party (not to be confused with the TBS/HBO Max series of the same name), despite Scot Armstrong being involved.

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