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American Video was a subbranch of Argentinian video distributor Magnetic Video S.A. in 1989 to distribute American low-budget movies, and the label has the classic slogan of "films made in the USA" covers, and the company had set up labels like Horror Video, Ninja Video and Western Video Home in 1992, and Erotika Films was launched in 1993, dedicated to softcore films, and it was a successor to the prior Vestal Video label that Magnetic launched in 1987.



Logo: We see live-action footage of various videotape machineries and cameras moving while projecting. The light flashes, and then we see a live-action footage of a girl sitting behind a space background, turning it around. The camera zooms out and brightens, and the light flashes from behind the girl, and turn it into a cloud background. We see the black word "AMERICAN" zooms out and we see a design similar to the Top Gun logo, minus the text, flipping in. The script word "Video" in yellow flips in from the center and settle bellow the "AMERICAN" word. Once it continues, we see a footage of a planet that sat from behind the girl.

Technique: Other than the flipping, it's all live-action.

Music/Sounds: An edited version of "In The Stone" by Earth, Wind And Fire, with an echo in the end.

Availability: Seen on American Video releases in Argentina. [Examples?]

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