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Santiago Reveco Lepe Reborn and NewAccountLOL


Logo: Over a grey background (which looks a lot like several sticks together or a closeup of a tree) with a yellow light beam at the top left corner, which all slowly move, we see three turquoise rings spin around with blue particles forming into the stacked text "Amaco Productions" (Amaco being blue and Productions being aqua) and spinning around before they all stop. The rings then form a stylized planet-like design, then the whole logo glows.

Technique: CGI animation, likely done on Corel MotionStudio 3D.

Music/Sounds: Some whooshes at the start, then a screeching sound effect with an orchestral hit and synth note after the logo forms. On the Deadly Wish duology, the audio appears to be heavily compressed and bass-boosted, making it very loud. The opening theme plays over it in some instances, like in the American Dollar duology.

Availability: Seen on Deadly Wish and its sequel, Deadly Wish 2 along with the Old School trilogy and American Dollar duology.

Legacy: This logo is often considered to be one of the loudest logos ever along with the infamous poor-quality upload of 3-G Home Video.

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