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Bumper: Appearing via an iris-out effect, we see a box containing the pre-2008 Anchor Bay sail logo in it, the top of it overlapping out, appearing on top of a navy blue rectangle, all on a blue background. As a white line draws borders all around the boxes, the black text "ALSO FROM ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT" types in, quickly turning white, and turns to the middle of the rectangle. The text "Press MENU to play program or to select other options" types itself in below the navy blue rectangle.

Variant: On later releases, the 1995-2008 logo is replaced with the 2008-2009 logo and it appears more cheaply than previously.

Technique: The iris-out, the bumper appearing.

Music/Sounds: A soothing synth theme, with a long "whoosh" that sounds like crickets chirping.

Availability: Can be seen on certain Anchor Bay DVDs, such as Me, Eloise and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: A Tale of Tails.

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