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Alpha Video was a VHS company founded by Stanley Long. The company formed a partnership with Intervision, who co-distributed Alpha's output until 1985, following Intervision's closure in the mid-80s.

(July 1981-April 1985)

Logo: On a dark blue background, a stylized Greek letter "alpha" draws by itself. When it is finished, the word "alpha", in lowercase, and in a squashed sans serif font, wipes in.

Variant: After the normal logo, in the same blue background, we see the phrase "FOR YOUR FURTHER ENJOYMENT" and "Alpha", stylised in a blocky font with the small Alpha Video logo boxed on top of the p. "Video" is also stylised, but in a less blocky font. There is ""PRESENTS" below. This was also used on the box art for Intervison/Alpha releases.

Technique: 2D animation. None for the variant.

Music/Sounds: Telex by Derek Scott, a harsh, droning synth tune with synthetic clunks and beeps. On the variant, the logo is silent. There also exists a silent version of the standard logo. without the "Further Enjoyment" screen, seen on the first release of Kentucky Fried Movie.

Availability: Extremely rare; seen on UK pre-cert tapes (mainly horror movies) from Alpha released through Intervision and CBS/FOX, particularly Dawn of the Dead.


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