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After the collapse of Alliance Atlantis in 2007, the movie distribution arm was re-launched as Alliance Films. On January 9, 2013, competing studio Entertainment One (now owned by Hasbro) acquired and folded Alliance Films.

1st Logo (August 10, 2007-August 31, 2012)

Logo: Same as the final Alliance Atlantis logo, but the coloring is light blue instead of none and the name only appears as "ALLIANCE" in white instead of none, but in a different font. A registered trademark symbol appears a bit at the top right side corner next beside to the company name.


  • For Quebec releases, the word "VIVAFILM" is added below.
  • Another variant has the same font from the last three Alliance Atlantis logos, with no registered trademark at all.
  • There is a print version of this logo.

Technique: Same as the final Alliance Atlantis logo. This was again done by ZINK.

Music/Sounds: Same as the final Alliance Atlantis logo. The original and the re-arranged fanfares are used interchangeably.

Availability: Common. Appears on a lot of Canadian-released movies and distributed DVDs/Blu-Rays from 2007 to 2012. This logo surprisingly appears on the U.S. Sony Blu-ray of Planet 51 instead of the 1993-2015 TriStar Pictures logo if you select the French Canadian audio track, or press the "angle" button on the player's remote.

2nd Logo (March 27, 2012-April 26, 2013)

Logo: A spark lights up on a dark background, which causes other sparks to light up and shoot fireworks across the screen. We then zoom out to see that the fireworks are drawing the familiar Alliance logo. "ALLIANCE FILMS" in Century Gothic Bold in gold, also being drawn in (exactly the same font color just like from the 2004-2007 Alliance Atlantis logo), then the text zooms out and takes its place below the Alliance logo, then a yellow light shines below it, before fading to black.

Trivia: This logo was designed by Framework Studio.


  • In Quebec, "VIVAFILM" replaces "FILMS". This variant is extremely rare.
  • A print version of this logo exists.

Technique: The logo forming. Very nice special effects.

Music/Sounds: The re-arranged version of the last logo's fanfare, accompanied by firework sounds (similar to the 2006 and 2022 Disney logos), and a whoosh when the text zooms out, and a sound when the light shines.

Availability: Rare (even more so in America), as this logo only lasted a short time before they were folded into Entertainment One. The only known films with this logo were The Tall Man, Sinister, The Bay, Dark Skies, Antiviral, The Lords of Salem, and Canadian prints of ParaNorman. However recently, this logo made a surprise reappearance on a Canadian Netflix print of The Hurt Locker.

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