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Eric S., The AVTB Archives and Broken Saw (with special permission from Sagan Blob)


All American Fremantle International, Inc. (formerly Talbot Television and Fremantle International) was an international division of Pearson Television (now "Fremantle") that was originally founded in the 1950s as Fremantle International, as a subsidiary of The Fremantle Corporation, until the international unit was sold in stages to Interpublic in 1989, until it was transferred to All American Television in 1994, and it was renamed to All American Fremantle International, which AAC bought out program rights from Fremantle International, but four years later, after All American Communications closed down in 1998, it was folded into Pearson Television. Its basic function was to produce shows for the international market. The company didn't use a logo until 1989.

1st Logo (September 17, 1972-March 10, 1974)

Logo: Inside a white circle is a stylized knight chess piece. Next to it is the text "TALBOT TELEVISION".

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on The Adventures of Black Beauty and possibly other early programmes from the company.

2nd Logo (1989-1996)

Logo: On a white background, we see the image of a knight chess piece, with a face. Below that is the word "A TALBOT TELEGAME" and underneath it was the smaller words "FREMANTLE INTERNATIONAL". The eye on the knight chess piece then blinks.


  • An in-credit version of the logo exists where the logo is in white.
  • Sometimes, the logo scrolls up with the credits.
  • On Australian games, the logo takes place on a space background, the text reads "A FREMANTLE TELEGAME" in light blue with "FREMANTLE INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS" in a small type below, and the knight chess piece was in blue. After the eye blinks, the chess' eye sparkles. In later years, the byline "Chief Executive, RICHARD BECKER" is shown below the logo.
  • Sometimes, depending on the show and region, the logo is colored.
  • On early episodes of the German version of Jeopardy!, the logo is in blue, and the text behind it reads "FREMANTLE" and below it was "Fremantle (Deutschland) GmbH" and "Production" is shown under the chess piece.
  • Sometimes, the logo is still.
  • Sometimes, the logo shares the screen with other logos.
  • Sometimes, the standard logo is shown on a box, as seen on the Swedish versions of game shows, like Wheel of Fortune and Child's Play.
  • On Greek game shows like Family Feud, the eye blinks red and flashes.
  • On the German versions of Family Feud and The Price is Right, the logo flips in.
  • On early episodes from the UK version of Supermarket Sweep, the chess piece is on the right side, and the logo reads "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" and below it was "TALBOT TELEVISION". A Central Independent Television copyright stamp is below the logo.
  • On later Australian games, the logo still has the blue chess piece, although the text dissolves from a wipe effect, and the byline is shown below the logo fading it and the logo takes place on a freeze frame of the then-current Seven Network logo, which segues into this logo.

Technique: 2D animation. Sometimes, it's still.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the logo was accompanied by an announcer spiel.
  • On Greek game shows like Family Feud, a sound of a horse neighing is heard.

Availability: Seen at the end of various international versions of Goodson-Todman games, namely Family Feud, Child's Play and The Price is Right (namely the 1989 UK version on Sky One) as well as international versions of Let's Make a Deal and Supermarket Sweep (which was kept intact on Challenge), early episodes of the 90s version of Play Your Cards Right (which was also kept intact on Challenge) the French version of Pyramid, the Australian version of Strike It Rich, early episodes of the German version of Jeopardy! and the Swedish version of Wheel of Fortune.

3rd Logo (1995-1998)

Logo: Virtually the same thing as the 1994 All American Television logo, but with the glowing white "FREMANTLE" in Copperplate Gothic, replacing "ALL AMERICAN TELEVISION" and has the byline "A Pearson Television Company" below it.

Variants: Two are known to exist at this time:

  • For Germany, the text "FREMANTLE" is in bold Times New Roman, and the byline "Fernsehproduktions GmbH" appears underneath in a smaller version of the same font. It either wipes in or stretches in.
  • For the Greek version, the words "FREMANTLE HELLAS" appear stacked, underneath the logo. The font used is a thin, san serif font, like Arial.
  • For the UK version, the text reads "FREMANTLE (UK) PRODUCTIONS LTD", also in the same Futura font.
  • On the first year with the UK version it reads "TALBOT TELEVISION LTD." in a Times New Roman font.
  • For Swedish and Polish regions and for other countries until 1996, the thin Futura font version is used, but the words are "ALL AMERICAN FREMANTLE INTERNATIONAL INC".
  • A Polish copyright licensing variant of the thin font version exists.
  • There are also two other versions where this logo is shown with the Carlton or the 1988 BBC logo on the bottom with their copyright notices on them.
  • On some shows, a short version existed.
  • On Highway Hangouts, the logo is in black background and says "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" at the top, and "ALL AMERICAN FREMANTLE" at the bottom.
  • In-credit versions of the logo exist on the Herbew version of Let's Make a Deal and the French versions of The Price is Right and Family Feud.
  • Sometimes either the 2D print or the 3D print version of this logo is shown.
  • Sometimes the logo is still.

Technique: Same as the 1994 All American Television logo.

Music/Sounds: The 1994 All American Television theme or a closing theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, a short version of the 1994 theme exists.
  • On a January 1996 episode of the German version of Jeopardy!, the logo is accompanied by a German announcer over the end theme of the show.

Availability: Extremely rare.

  • The standard (first) version was recently discovered on a Polish TV show aptly named Miodowe lata.
  • Comments on the video of the version above led to the discovery of the two other variants. The German variant was found on a January 1996 episode of the German version of Jeopardy! on YouTube, while the Greek version was found on a 1995 episode of Ο Τροχός Της Τύχης, the Greek version of Wheel of Fortune.
  • The thin font version has been spotted in 2 Mot 1 and Idź na całość.
  • The UK version was kept intact on Challenge airings of Play Your Cards Right, Bruce's Price is Right and Dale's Supermarket Sweep as well as the BBC version of Blockbusters.
  • However in 1999, it stopped using this logo strangely, and it was switched to the 1997 Pearson Television International logo or sometimes, the 1997 Grundy logo.
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