Alien Productions

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Descriptions by
Codyfinke2 and BenderRoblox

Captures by
Eric S.

Editions by
BenderRoblox and Muzzarino


Alien Productions is the company that created ALF and two of the animated series, ALF Tales and ALF: The Animated Series.

(September 26, 1987-December 9, 1989)


Logo: On a black background, we see a circle with Alf (as he appears in the two ALF animated series) inside, a la Porky Pig, he says his trademark line, "HA! I kill me!" The text at the bottom says "Copyright [year] Alien Productions."

Technique: Traditional cartoon animation, by DiC.

Music/Sounds: Alf saying his line.

Availability: Seen on Alf Tales and ALF: The Animated Series, which can be found as special features on the ALF Season 2 DVD.