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Raro VHS


Logo: On a black, space-like background with white stars, a shooting star moving toward the bottom-left of the screen, and a periwinkle gradient towards the bottom with black specks popping in and out on it, a golden film strip flies in from the left and covers the middle of the screen. In the middle of the strip, the company's logo appears:


The screen then flips upward to reveal the same background, sans the stars and specks, and cyan text reading "ANTICIPA" quickly appears afterwards.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of "Reaching For Tomorrow: Opening" by John Manchester. The audio sounds muffled in this logo, possibly due to tape deterioration.

Availability: Unknown. It might be found on an Argentine VHS release of the 1996 action/sci-fi film Head Games that was distributed by them.

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