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Alexander Maslyakov i Kompaniya (Александр Масляков и компания, "Alexander Maslyakov and Company"), also known by abbreviation AMiK (АМиК), is a production company founded in 1990 by Alexander Maslyakov. With a few exceptions, most of its productions are related to KVN, a long-running Russian competition between comedy teams.

1st Logo (April 1, 1990-1995, 2011)

Logo: On a white background, we see a somewhat dopey caricature of Alexander Maslyakov standing slightly left of center. A variety of animated construction workers are constructing something metal around Maslyakov, first setting up a wall and then lifting him up for a moment to make way for the floor made out of sheets of metal. A portly man places a searchlight to the right of Maslyakov, then a tall man approaches Maslyakov and flips sheets of paper next to his face as a construction worker in red installs a steering wheel in front of Maslyakov. Suddenly, a metal wall appears (first two halves with a round window to the right, then another half with a large square window slides in from the left. A man with a big camera appears from below and a large woman in a red dress is lifted on a rope from above holding a small screen which quickly does a countdown from 9 to 0. A red, orange and yellow flash then takes up the screen, followed by a cloud of black smoke. The camera then zooms in to the left of Maslyakov's head and then zooms out revealing a yellow airship with stylized red letters "Амик" (Amik) written on its side. Two fireworks explode around the airship, and we quickly fade in to a black background with a yellow oval with a white outline in the center with "Амик" written on it in the same red letters as on the airship.

Variant: In 50 Virtual Games (a special series for KVN's anniversary), this logo was reused with a rearranged score and altered ending - the airship now has no "Амик" letters on it and does not fade out, and the golden 3D text "Александр Масляков представляет" (Alexander Maslyakov presents) appears instead as more fireworks are added.

Technique: Traditional 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: The sound effects which accompany the characters' actions, while an orchestra tuning is heard in the background. When it flashes, a "BOOM" is heard, which then transitions to a catchy synthesized bass tune with "АМИК!" at the end.

Availability: Seen on KVN competitions of the period and the 50 Virtual Games special series.

2nd Logo (1995-December 26, 1997 [Opening], December 23, 1999 [Closing])

Logo: On a black background, an assortment of red lines (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) shoot from various sides of the screen, intersecting in the lower part of the screen. The white wordmark "АЛЕКСАНДР МАСЛЯКОВ" forms itself in the intersections, and a smaller "И КОМПАНИЯ" unfolds letter by letter underneath. A door opens in the background, and the picture zooms in on it as the letters shine a neon purple. A live-action Alexander Maslyakov wearing a tuxedo with a bowtie and holding a microphone in his hand walks in, saying "А теперь, и я не боюсь повториться, всем цветы и шампанское!" (And now, and I'm not afraid of repeating myself, flowers and champagne for everyone!) as transparent searchlights (first two from the lower two corners, then two from the upper two corners) move in the foreground and "АЛЕКСАНДР МАСЛЯКОВ И КОМПАНИЯ" wordmark fades out. The background quickly fades to black as cutout footage of Maslyakov (first two identical ones slide from left and right and fade away, then a different one fades in and out in the left half of the screen) appears on the screen. Blue rays shoot from various sides forming the logo of AMiK (stylized letters АМИК), and the АЛЕКСАНДР МАСЛЯКОВ" wordmark shines in under it. The logo shines as "И КОМПАНИЯ" unfolds letter by letter under "АЛЕКСАНДР МАСЛЯКОВ".


  • An ending variant also exists where the logo is cut to the point where it's already formed. The copyright stamp (usually formatted like "© (year)") is seen on the bottom-left corner.
    • The final competition of the 1997 season of KVN has the copyright stamp read "© 1998" despite being aired on December 26, 1997. The same goes for the final competition of the 1999 season which also has the "© 2000" copyright stamp.
    • Starting in 1998, the website and the e-mail address were added to the bottom-right corner.

Technique: Early CGI mixed with live action.

Music/Sounds: The cue starts with a majestic string tune. It evolves into a piano tune, which then transitions to a synth jingle. Masylakov's speech is also heard.

Music/Sounds Variant: On most of the logo's appearances, the speech is omitted, leaving that part silent.

Availability: Rare. Seen on KVN competitions of the period. Despite the full logo no longer appearing since the final game of the 1997 KVN competition, the ending variant was still used until the final game of the 1999 season, which aired on December 23, 1999.

3rd Logo (March 29, 1998- )

Logo: On a black-dark blue gradient background with a starfield, blue rays reveal the same gold stylised "АМИК" as the previous logo. The "АМИК" shines while the "АЛЕКСАНДР МАСЛЯКОВ И КОМПАНИЯ" text (which is also the same as in the previous logo) appears below. After a while, the logo fades out, and "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" appears on the same background.


  • There is a more common variant where the "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" part is cut out.
  • There was a version of the logo that is stretched to widescreen. It was seen on KVN competitions of the 2011-2013 period.
  • In 2014, the logo was redone: the "И КОМПАНИЯ" part of the text is now lowercase, the shining was reanimated and the background is darker.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: The tail end of the cue from the previous logo.

Availability: Current. Seen on the beginnings of the current KVN competitions since 1998. It was also seen on some of their other productions such as Дом с привидениями.

4th Logo (March 2, 2020- )

Logo: On a black background with a dark-gray spotlight, we see a pink crystal, which then grows and reveals the stylised "АМИК" from two previous logos. The "АМИК" turns yellow, and "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" appears below.

Variant: On the second season of The Roots, the logo zooms out further and "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" was removed.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic 4-note string tune.

Availability: Seen on The Roots (Корни).

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