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1st Logo (1985-1992?)

Alaska Public Television (1990).png

Logo: On a dark blue background with outlined orangish-yellow stars forming the Big Dipper and a single star in the top right (supposed to be the flag of Alaska), we see the text "KTOO - KUAC - KAKM - KYUK" arranged in a circle appear with a patterned transition. The text "PUBLIC TELEVISION NETWORK OF ALASKA" fades in. A few seconds after the announcer speaks, the logo disappears with the same patterned transition.

FX/SFX: The transitions and the fading in.

Music/Sounds: A weird staccato synth theme along with an announcer saying "A presentation of the Public Television Network of Alaska.".

Availability: Can be seen on Alaska Permanent Fund.

Legacy: The weird music might unnerve some.

2nd Logo (1993-1995)

Logo: On a dark purple gradient background, we see 8 gold stars pass by one-by-one on the left, while a strip of teal metal glides past on the right. As they reach the very center of the screen, the stars eventually start to spread out to form the Big Dipper and North Star and the metal strip rotates around to reveal itself as an outline of Alaska. 4 blinks of light cause the callsigns of the 4 member stations to pop in their respective city locations: "KAKM" in Anchorage, "KYUK" in Bethel, "KUAC" in Fairbanks, and "KTOO" in Juneau, and, the text "Public Television Network of Alaska" then wipes in below in an italicized white font with black drop-shadow effect..

FX/SFX: The stars and strip flying, the flashing callsigns.

Music/Sounds: A loud synth drone, with added scratching in the beginning, along with an different announcer saying "A presentation of the Public Television Network of Alaska.".

Availability: It has been seen on Tales of the Tundra.

Legacy: Compared to the last logo, the sudden loud droning may surprise some instead.

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