Aktsionernoye Televideniye

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Descriptions by
TheLogoFan7367 and LMgamer36

Captures by

Editions by
TheLogoFan7367, Tabit, LMgamer36, and TVB

Video captures courtesy of


Aktsionernoye Televideniye (1990).png

Logo: The logo starts with the "Rollercoaster" NBC ident at the time. After the ID is finished, it cuts to TV static (which gets more pixelated) with the Russian text in lime

(with the "A" and "T" being larger and connected). Underneath is the text in the same color "Production" in Russian. The logo then fades to white.

Technique: Same as the "Rollercoaster" NBC ident, with additional 2D animation, possibly done in Scanimate.

Music/Sounds: Same as the "Rollercoaster" NBC ident.

Availability: Seen on their programs at the time, which were broadcast in the USSR and Russia.

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