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Tobias Benson01


Affirm Originals is the television and streaming subdivision of Affirm Films, the religious and christian media-based subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment.


Affirm Originals.jpg

Logo: The 2014 Sony logo plays in warp-speed starting at the point where the flash brightens the letters. As the logo zooms in, the clouds from the Affirm Films logo appear, but instead of zooming out of the "M" in "AFFIRMFILMS", the text, now only saying "AFFIRM", zooms out of the second "F". As yellow shining lights appear around the text, the text goes upward as the white clouds from the Affirm Films logo appear inside the text and the lights die down. "Originals", in a scripted font made out of white paint-like material, writes itself letter by letter and the 2014 "a Sony Company" byline appears below "ina".

Technique: The logo animating like usual except in warp-speed, "Originals" writing itself and the byline fading in.

Music/Sounds: The Sony ding, a reversed cymbal crash and an abridged version of Affirm Films' newer orchestral theme.

Availability: First spotted on A Show About Anthem Lights on Pure Flix, and might be seen on future shows from Affirm.

Legacy: A nice enough television logo from Affirm, but it could be a little different from the film logo.

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