Adamation Inc.

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Captures by
Damien L

Editions by
TheRealMarcel2000, BTAScratch08

Video captures courtesy of
Damien L


This is the production team of animator and voice actor, Adam Katz, creator of the animated YouTube series Inanimate Insanity. Before 2016, most of his works didn't use a logo.

(June 17, 2016- )

Adamation Inc. (2016-).jpg
Adamation Inc. (2016-, III).jpg

Logo: On a black background we see the text that reads "ADAMATION" in green and below that text says "INC" in white. The text is contained in a dark green to black gradient box.


  • As of Inanimate Insanity Invitational, the logo received a remake in which the text is slightly smaller, the box now has an aquamarine-to-dark blue gradient, the Adamation text is light green, "INC" is now spelled with a dot, and a white drop shadow is added to the logo. Other than that, the core basics of the logo are the exact same.
  • There is a special variant on the episode "Best Served Cold". It begins with a quick glitch effect forming the original logo.
  • A similar variant is seen on the following episode "Out of Body Experience" where it starts off with just the original logo, but a sudden glitch effect causes it to reveal the new one.

Technique: None for the regular variant. However, on the special variants, there is a glitch effect/transition seen.

Music/Sounds: The off-screen voice of an Inanimate Insanity character saying "Adamation!", which varies depending on the episode.

Music/Sounds Variant: Both of the special variants have no voiceover, just a quiet glitching sound.

Availability: Seen on Inanimate Insanity starting with the Season 2 episode "Mazed and Confused". The redesigned variant is seen on Season 3 of the series, known as Inanimate Insanity Invitational.

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