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(August 7, 2020-)

Logo: The bottom portion of a roulette wheel is seen spinning clockwise with "A MILLION F**KS PRODUCTIONS" on the rotor. A roulette ball with "The Nasties" in black and a fancy font is thrown into the wheel from the bottom left to the top left. When the green pocket appears, the same ball rolls along it. The background, usually spinning, may vary depending on the short.

Variants: Depending on the short:

  • Coke at the Movies: The background is teal with a crayon texture and the text is in an Art Deco-like font in yellow and with a red outline.
  • 29 Forever: The name is in gold and painted and the background consists of a mess of purple and blue paint splashes.
  • Can't Finish Nuttin: The text is the same as the previous one but with a shadow effect. The background in this short is a light yellow construction paper.
  • The Nihilist Activist: The background consists of brown, red, gray, and beige paint strokes scribbled around and the company name is the same as the last two but in green.
  • Witch Doctor: The same text from the first variant appears but in green and with a pink outline and the background is dark golden rod and made with markers.

Technique: Cut-out stop motion animation.

Music/Sounds: The ending of the short.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Witch Doctor, there is simply none.
  • On Can't Finish Nuttin, we hear the ringtone of an iPhone with a male voice quietly responding "What the f**k?".

Availability: First seen on Coke at the Movies and can be seen on further short films from Dabs Den Productions such as 29 Forever.

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