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Requests for Rollback

What exactly is a rollback?

  • Rollback is the ability to revert multiple edits by a single user with one click. Someone with the rollback ability is a "rollbacker." Rollbackers are able to, through either the Recent Changes or the history of a page, click "[rollback]" and automatically undo a series of edits. Let's say a vandal comes along and severely damages a page, publishing multiple negative edits on this page. In order to repair the damage, a user without rollback permissions would have to edit the page and manually restore it to its former state, or do one or more undos. A rollbacker can simply go to the history of the page in question and click "rollback." Voila!

Awesome! What do I need to do in order to become a rollbacker?

  • There are no set requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to be a rollbacker. However, you must prove yourself trustworthy, and you must prove that you will actually use these the rollback feature. Users who are granted rollback are vigilant: they are always on the lookout for vandalism. When they spot it, they take action: they swiftly revert/undo the edits, warn the vandal, and report them to User Reports. If this sounds like you and you want a tool that will speed up your cleanup of AVID, you will likely be a great candidate for rollback.

I want to become a rollback! What do I do?

  • Thorough instructions on applying to become a rollback are included below. After you publish your request, a bureaucrat will look over your request. This process is very simple: There is no voting, only an approval or a rejection. If a bureaucrat approves your request, they will proceed to grant you the rollback permission. Please remember that this tool can cause harm if used incorrectly or maliciously. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are just starting to use it. If you are caught abusing the rollback tool, the tool will be removed and you will be punished accordingly. Patrol wisely! :)

Note to Requesters

Use the following code, filling in < > with what it wants you to enter.

Code for Requesters:

{{Request|Username|Reason as to why you should be an rollbacker|Signature}}:*


When typing:

The following would appear:


talk · contribs · editcount · logs · block log · rights log


Note to Administrators

When approving or rejecting a request, use the {{Approved|(reason) ~~~~}} or {{Rejected|(reason) ~~~~}} templates. Here is an example:

I have seen excellent undos and contributions from you. --Example

Here is an example of a rejected request:

 I do not see many undos or contributions from you. --Example

Be sure to look at the user's contributions and logs before accepting or rejecting them.

Requests for Rollback

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