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What are AVIDProjects?

AVIDProjects are group collaborations to improve the coverage of a subject. AVIDProjects can be of specific companies (e.g. AVIDProject Disney, AVIDProject BBC), countries (e.g. AVIDProject India, AVIDProject Hong Kong), or types of graphics (e.g. AVIDProject Commercial Tags or AVIDProject Television Logos). A project can have multiple subprojects or “workgroups” that target more specific topics; i.e. AVIDProject Television Logos/Vanity Cards.

AVIDProjects would be listed under the AVID namespace.

What are the benefits of AVIDProjects?

AVIDProjects aim to improve the coverage of a subject by having a group of editors collaborate to work on an article, or articles. These editors can work together to find accurate background information of a company, logos that are not described yet, lost logos, reliable sources, and improve the accuracy of the availability section, and much more.

How will users in an AVIDProject communicate?

Users would communicate via an AVIDProject’s talk page which they can add to their watchlist. Communication via Discord is also possible, either with a new special role in the AVID Discord, or a separate Discord server.

How can I join an AVIDProject?

Joining a project is easy; users would add their signature on the main page of an AVIDProject, then they would add the project’s talk page to their watchlist. Finally, users can add a special userbox to their userpage should they wish to do so.

What can I do as an AVIDProject member?

Users can add a page to an AVIDProject-associated category. They can work together with other users of an AVIDProject to improve the accuracy and completeness of an article. They can also add reliable and helpful sources to the main page of an AVIDProject, or add something to a “to-do” list of a project.

How can I propose a new AVIDProject?

You can propose a new project via AVID:Request a Project. The mechanism is similar to Request for Comments, with the differences being:

  • Proposers must put a list of articles that fall under the scope of the proposed project in their proposal;
  • There will be an additional notice for the Support section: supporters can specify whether they want to be a member of the proposed project, should the project pass.

A bureaucrat can approve or reject a request. Once approved, the project will be created.

What AVIDProjects are not

  • AVIDProjects are not rule-making groups or organizations.
  • An AVIDProject does not own an article, but merely monitors and improves it
  • AVIDProject members do not have special privileges above other users.
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