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During the 1990s, ATC's equipment start to age, and under Carlos Menem, ATC was almost privatized and took a 5-month name change to ATeCE with a more nationalist approach. In 2000, under the new presidency of Fernando de la Rua, the station made more long-term changes and stopped to use the acronym, resulting in just "Argentina Televisora Color".

(February-July 1996)

Logo: On a dark sky background, a glowing orange disk comes up and the sky brightens. The disk slightly expands and contracts as shards of it fly off, forming an "A". The disk flips over and a "T" forms by expanding as the disk ripples. The disk flips over again and an outline of a lowercase "e" marks in the disk, making the "e" appear in the disk. The disk breaks apart and reforms to reveal a "C". The disk flips another time and another "E" appears and the glow of the mark zooms in. The disk flips one more time and spins rapidly, braking apart and forming an orange, lowercase "e". The "e" zooms out as the other letters move to it, forming "ATeCE", while a blue, transparent cloth moves around it. The background becomes a white bumpy sheet and the box becomes solid blue. Under it is "a la Argentina".

Technique: The letters in the disk being formed and the transformation from 3D to 2D.

Music/Sounds: A piano and warble synth theme with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: This logo was extremely hated during this time, at the point it only lasted a few months before being replaced by ATC's next logo.

Argentina Televisora Color (1979-1996)
Argentina Televisora Color (1996-2000)
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