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Descriptions by
GoAnimateFan199Pro, WetPaintLogo1993 and CLGCreator Returns!

Editions by
CnowEnt and CLGCreator Returns!

Video captures courtesy of
Broken Saw

DirecTV Original Content

AT&T Originals

DirecTV Original Content

1st Logo (2008-2011)


  • Opening: We see the DirecTV logo in transparent glass. It zooms in and on a blue background. A ball is seen in front, we zoom to the ball. It appears to be the Earth with a satellite (possibly modeled after DirecTV 8) flying over reading "DIRECTV" on its right wing. The blue background fades and we follow the satellite as it flies around. The satellite leaves the screen, as we zoom in to the DirecTV logo and "ORIGINAL"/"ENTERTAINMENT", separated by a blue bar.
  • Closing: We see the side of a ball with a small hole in the distance. We zoom past the hole and through rapidly, and the camera positions, revealing that it is actually a glass floor. The DirecTV Original Entertainment logo forms, except the blue bar extends throughout the length of the letters.

Technique: For the opening, the DirecTV logo, the camera animation when we follow the satellite around the Earth, and the DirecTV logo forming. For the closing, the rapid moving and then the formation of the logo. Both logos are done with CGI animation.


  • Opening: A orchestral hit, followed by a rising synth.
  • Closing: A shortened and more orchestral version of the opening theme, ending with a dramatic sounder.

Availability: Seen on programs on DirecTV, most notably Friday Night Lights.

2nd Logo (2011-2015)

Logo: We zoom out of a couple blue shapes. We keep zooming out of the shapes and then out of the corporate symbol of DirecTV. The text is revealed as it zooms out. "ORIGINAL"/"ENTERTAINMENT" zooms out with the logo. As the camera stops, the logo is shown in a landscape with blue shadows.


  • Starting in 2014, the word "ENTERTAINMENT" is replaced by "CONTENT".
  • There was also a version that replaced the word with "PRODUCTION".

Technique: The zoom-out.

Music/Sounds: A reverse cymbal crash with a synth strobing sound, followed by a synthesized bell over low strobing noises.

Availability: Same as the last logo, the "CONTENT" version was seen on Billy and Billie and all of the later programs from 2014-2015. For the "PRODUCTION" variant.

3rd Logo (2015-2016)

Logo: Some blue bars move on a black background. We zoom in to the bars, then zoom out of a big "DIRECTV" as the bars disappear. The Original Content logotype from the 2014 version of the last logo is below. The text zooms out fully, while a cyan bar streaks past. The result is on a black background with a heavy blue center.

Technique: The bars moving, the camera zooming out of the text, the cyan bar streaking past.

Music/Sounds: A 1-note sounder with sounds of streaking.

Availability: Same as the last two logos. One show with this logo is Undeniable with Joe Buck.

AT&T Originals

1st Logo (2016)

Logo: On a white background, the text "AT&T" fades in. Then it slides to the left, as the word "Originals" slides from behind it, settling right next to it.

Technique: The text fading in and sliding.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on early episodes of You, Me, Her.

2nd Logo (2016-2017)

Logo: On a black background, we see a blank blue circle bounce in from the center of the screen as five curved cut-outs wipe in on the circle, forming the AT&T globe logo. The text "AT&T Originals" in white fades in below, and the finished result slowly zooms in.

Trivia: This logo uses the same animation as the ID used in AT&T's television commercials.

Technique: The circle popping up, the curves cutting through the circle, the text fading in, and the slow zooming. Simple but effective animation, complied by Interbrand of New York, New York.

Music/Sounds: The current "Sonic" jingle from AT&T (a 4-note harp sounder with a synth in the background). Composed by Man Made Music of Burbank, California and New York, New York.

Availability: Currently seen on AT&T programming, such as Rogue. However, this logo is restricted to television airings, as online streamings feature the DirecTV Original Content logo instead.

3rd Logo (2017-2020)

Logo: We see three close-up shots of detailed light blue rings revolving on a globe which features a series of clips from different shows, one after another, and with a different camera angle and different footage each shot. After that, we move away from the rings, revealing that they are a shiny 3D rendition of the AT&T "Globe" in a black-dark blue gradient background. After we zoom out to a comfortable distance, the text "AT&T ORIGINALS" (set in a white italic font) fades in below the AT&T "Globe". Both the "Globe" and the text shine.

Technique: The camera moving, the rings revolving, the text shining and the shining. Very impressive CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A droning sounder with whooshes throughout.

Availability: No longer current due to Audience Network's shutdown. Seen on AT&T programming from the time.

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