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Logo: On a black background, a pair of cartoony eyes, with left being larger with a smaller pupil, comes falling down from the top of the screen after a few seconds of nothing, then bounce back into shape. The eyes "blink" twice, as via a paint splatter effect, it reveals the eyes are in a lime ball. Underneath it is the text "ae GAMES", with the latter word in an arc curved upwards.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A falling whistle sound is heard at first, followed by 2 springy-sounding sounds. 2 "blinking" noises are then heard when the eyes blink, and then ends with the sound of frothing bubbles as the logo is revealed.

Availability: Only seen on Play with the Teletubbies for PS1, released in 1999.

AE Games
Asylum Entertainment
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