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ABC TV Education is the Education programming block run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In 1987, all of the ABC's education programming was organized into a broadcasting block on the main channel, which featured education programming for schools children and teachers, as well as lifelong learning and open learning programs for teachers. In early 2013, the block also started to run on ABC 3 (later ABC ME).

ABC Schools


Logo: On a staticky background that changes through various shades of blue and purple, various blobs move across the screen forming multicoloured abstract shapes, eventually forming into a cyan diamond shape with the words ABC in a tall, sans-serif font with the words Education appearing in yellow over the top of the diamond and "F O RaaS C H O O L S" appearing on a purple banner with yellow spikes.

Closing Variant: The finished logo from before flies away from the screen. We then see more of the abstract animations from the opening idents. The animation freeze frames and "ABC EDUCATION" appears at the bottom of the frame along with a copyright notice.

Technique: Very late-1980s 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: An intense synth-pop tune. The closing variant features an alternate remix of the same theme with a different ending.

Availability: Extinct on television.

ABC Education Television


Logo: Many scientific and mathematical symbols flash past the screen as well as images of people and nature and a wireframe man and woman. Eventually, the words "ABC EDUCATION" form up as the lissajous curve appears above, surrounded by mathematical brackets, via the "swinging" animation used in the main station idents between 1988 and 1995 and the ABC Video logo of the same time as well as it's DVD successor.

Variants: Two versions of the ident were made. One that was used before Schools education progammes (which is the most common), and another variant used before Lifelong Learning programmes exists.

Technique: 2D motion graphics, live-action, and CGI for the glassy ABC lissajous turning.

Music/Sounds: A catchy, upbeat techno tune.

Availability: Extinct as of 2013. The main Schools version can be found easily on YouTube. The Lifelong Learners variant, however, is much rarer and is possibly lost. A print logo is the only evidence of its existence with no footage of a corresponding ident currently known to exist online.

Legacy: This is one of the longest running idents ever used by the ABC and is a source of nostalgia for Australians growing up in this era. Ironically, those who remember this ident often associate it with days off from school due to the education block traditionally starting right after the conclusion of the ABC Kids block.

ABC TV Education


Logo: TBA.

Variant: Short versions of the ident also exist.

Technique: A combination of live-action, and 2D and 3D CG animation.

Music/Sounds: A orchestral tune plays throughout, with some additional sound effects.

Availability: Current.

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