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Logo: We see the ABC logo (with white letters inside a black circle) on a black background. Suddenly, a yellow circle appears, with more appearing and surrounding the logo. Then the ABC circle rapidly changes colors from black to yellow (with the lettering being black). Smaller circles appear and the ABC logo disappears. When the logo appears, two circles (one next to it and one under the ABC logo) appear and small dots surround the left circle. Then two dots with a yellow light appear next to the side of the logo, and like a projector cause the ABC logo to change colors again. The logo rapidly flashes front and back and the ABC logo appears to be in a small yellow background with "PREMIERE EVENT" on the bottom.


  • For some movies, it would show "Big Picture Show", "Sunday Picture Show", "Originals" and "Special Presentation" instead.
  • There were shorter versions aired during commercial breaks.
  • A 10-second version exists.

Technique: The rapid flashing and the ABC logo changing colors. Animated at Pittard Sullivan.

Music/Sounds: A majestic fanfare that uses the four-note ABC jingle which ends with a piano version of the jingle. Composed by The Mad Bus.

Music/Sounds Variant: For the "Big Picture Show", "Sunday Picture Show" and "Originals" variants, a less dramatic fanfare was used.

Availability: Was very common in the early 2000s, but has since become extinct. It was seen on movies aired on Sundays during the era.

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