ABC Kidtime

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ABC Kidtime was a video label of the American Broadcasting Company, for children's programs.

(early 1990s)

ABC Kidtime Logo.png

Logo: Against a black background and a colorful 3D grid with cylindrical intersections, a blue ABC logo flies through coloured sparks. The sparks intensify as the camera runs into a yellow spark, which then fades to reveal the ABC Kidtime logo against an intersection of the grid, with small sparks flashing around it. The yellow and blue-outline 3D "Kidtime" word mark is set against a long magenta and purple spark.

Technique: 3D animation.

Music/Sounds: A soft synth flair with very light stick percussion, followed by four bell-backed notes.

Availability: To date, the logo can be (at least) found in a VHS release of Runaway Ralph.

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