A.V.M.-Chitramala Combines

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(August 12, 1972)

AVM Chitramala.png

Logo: We see two reels, and "ஏவி.எம் -சித்ராமாலா" (AVM - Chitramala). At the time that the camera zooms out the reels, the text zooms in, and we can see clearly that the reels are part of a film camera. Then, at the time the camera rotates 90 degrees (showing us the frontal part of this), there's a zoom to the camera. Finally, "கம்பைன்ஸ்" ("Combines") appears below the focus of the camera.

Technique: The zooms out, the camera turning and the texts. Live action.

Music/Sounds: A repetitive note made by a bass, a strum with a kind of lyra when the camera rotates and a 5-note dramatic fanfare made by a trumpet when the second text appears, being the first and the last larger than the other three.

Availability: Seen only on Sudarum Sooravaliyum.

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