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1st Logo (Mid-Late 1980's)

Logo: Starting off on a space background, a blue moving grid flies in from the bottom left and covers more than half of the screen. The upper half gains a black-blue gradient color whereas the grid shines and scrolls rapidly. From the horizon comes a shining, theater-esque border made up of gold bars inside a black box flipping around. When it covers the screen, the company name "A-B-Collection FILM & VIDEO" appears within the border as said object shines one more time before the logo fades to black.

Technique: 2D computer effects.

Music/Sounds: A synth pop soundtrack with a female singer.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on early A-B-Collection Videofilm releases in Denmark.

2nd Logo (Late 1980's)


Logo: On a moving grid background, we see the blue word "A-B-Collection" with a white shadow flies and zooms from the top-left, and the red word "VIDEOFILM" also flies and zooms from the top-left. The star appears, bringing forth the tiny white rectangle with the Video Tape Center logo.

Variant:: Non-Video Tape Center releases have the star freeze below the two words.

Technique: Computer effects.

Music/Sounds: An exposed synth theme that continues from the warning screen.

Availability: Seen on A-B-Collection Videofilm releases in Denmark.

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