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3 Arts Entertainment is a film and television production company founded in 1991 by Erwin Stoff, Howard Stein, and Michael Rotenberg. In 2018, Lionsgate acquired a majority stake in the company.

1st Logo (June 21, 1992-1998)

Logo: On a white background, we see a large transparent number "3" and a large yellowish-green oval showing the part of the number, and the half of the word is in green. The transparent three slide and zooms away, while the "3" turns from transparent to a solid large dark purple color, which zooms out towards the center of the screen and the part of the circle behind the "3" reveals to be the word "ARTS" in black, with halves of the word standing behind the "3". As the logo becomes situated, the word "PRODUCTIONS" in a black, spaced Times New Roman font wipes across the screen as the transparent "3" then fades away. Once the logo settles, a shadow appears from behind the logo.


  • A more-common short version of the logo exists, starting with the logo zooming out.
  • A still variant of the logo exists.
  • On Pauly, the logo shares the screen with the Landing Patch Productions logo.
  • On some shows, "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" appears below; sometimes in a different font.
  • In later uses, "ENTERTAINMENT" replaces "PRODUCTIONS".
  • On King of the Hill, an in-credit notice is used (see Deedle-Dee Productions's first logo description for more).

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme, but on some shows, a synth note is heard.

Availability: Rare. Seen on the earliest 3 Arts productions, like Galaxy BeatDaddy DearestThe Tomorrow ManDown the Shore (the first production to use it), Pauly, and the first two seasons of The Chris Rock Show. Don't expect to see this or any of the subsequent logos on King of the Hill, because it used an in-credit disclaimer.

2nd Logo (1998-2008)

Logo: On a teal water rippling background, the same design from before (only "ENTERTAINMENT" is in a different font here), starts out rippling and twisting as a glass transparent palette, before becoming its normal colors from the first logo, only that the oval is a more yellowish color. The water background then disappears, turning the background to a solid white color.


  • A still variant exists, with the water rippling background shown already on the company logo. Also, the oval is more greenish.
  • On Mind of the Married Man, the still logo on a white background is displayed under the Comedy Arts Studios logo, which slides over a blue gradient background.
  • On Lucky Louie, the logo is next to the Snowpants Productions logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show, or none.

Availability: The animated variant is rare, and can be seen on The Chris Rock Show starting with its third season (and its stand up specials), The Orlando Jones Show, The Howie Mandel Show, and early episodes of Chelsea Lately. The still variant is seen on some stand up specials, Carnivale and Lucky Louie. Don't expect to see this logo on Greetings from Tucson (since it instead uses an in-credit disclaimer), nor on the U.S. version of The Office, though.

3rd Logo (August 4, 2005-)

Logo: In an alley with a garage, we see a foot on the bottom left hand side of the screen which kicks a purple-colored dodgeball. The dodgeball then bounces off a storage locker door and several gold circles appear in ripples as the company logo appears from before, only this time the colors are a bit more saturated.


  • A still version exists.
  • Starting in 2010, the logo was enhanced. Here, the logo is resized and repositioned with the oval for "ARTS" recolored brighter. The circles are thinner and also re-colored, while "ENTERTAINMENT" is spaced with a black stroke effect applied to it.
  • On Carpoolers and early season 2 episodes of Parks and Recreation, the static version stands next to either the T.R.O.N.T. or Fremulon logos in a box on a teal blue background. On the former, the background is gold.
  • A short version exists that was seen on Kings and The Starter Wife, where it starts with the company name fading in. On the latter, the garage door opens up to segue into the McGibbon/Parriott Productions logo.

Technique: Live-action for the foot kicking the ball and 2D animation for the appearance of the logo.

Music/Sounds: The sound of a ball bouncing off the wall, followed by a synth note.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, it's silent or the ending theme plays over it.
  • On the season 5 premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis," the logo's audio is high-pitched, along with the RCG, FX Productions, and FX logos.
  • Original airings used the CW, ABC or NBC generic themes.

Availability: Current, but uncommon. Seen on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (except the 10th season, which uses the 5th logo), Louie, various stand-up comedy specials and several other shows. It was also spotted at the end of the 2013 Vuguru puppet comedy feature film The Fuzz. The still version is seen on Everybody Hates Chris. The logo was used in tandem with the following logos. Don't expect to see this on The Goode Family, because an in-credit disclaimer is used instead.

4th Logo (September 20, 2009-)

Logo: On a black or white background, we see the company logo, with "ENTERTAINMENT" now in purple as opposite to black.


  • The logo sometimes shares the screen with other logos.
  • The logo may be either smaller or zoomed in.
  • On Kevin Hart: The Next Level, the logo zooms in.
  • On Champions, the logo appears on a light blue carpet-like background with the logo in a box, next to the Charlie Grandy Productions logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note synth pound. Sometimes, the end theme of the show plays over, none, or a generic theme on NBC, FOX or CBS.

Availability: Common. Seen on Bored to Death, later season 2-7 of Parks and Recreation, the first three seasons of Brooklyn Nine-NineMulaneyThe Mindy ProjectTime Traveling BongChampionsGhostedHappy TogetherOne Mississippi, The Resident, Master of None, and earlier episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as stand up specials and at the end of the movies Edge of Tomorrow and Crush. Don't expect to see this on the 2011 revival of Beavis and Butthead, because an in-credit disclaimer is used instead.

5th Logo (April 6, 2014-)

Logo: Same as before, except the logo is in white, with a bit of gold/purple streaks embossed into it.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo can appear close-up.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Seen on Silicon Valley, the tenth season of It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaInsecure, and some stand up specials.

6th Logo (September 19, 2016-)

Logo: On a black or white background, we see the company logo again, except the "3" is less stretched and thicker, the oval is slightly squished, the word "ARTS" is in a different font while "ENTERTAINMENT" in white, black or purple appears in a different serif font.


  • The logo sometimes shares the screen with other logos.
  • On Mr. Mayor, the logo appears weirdly on the bottom right in the Little Stranger, Inc. logo.
  • On Brandon Leake: A Family Affair, "ENTERTAINMENT" is removed.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 4th and 5th logos. NBC and FOX airings used a generic theme.

Availability: Seen on recent episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as The Good PlaceThe Cool KidsAbby'sThe MickGreat NewsThe Good CopSunnyside, Girls5Eva, Mr. MayorChrissy's Court, Q-Force, The Fugitive (2020), Loot, Ordinary Joe, Lopez vs. Lopez, later episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and recent stand up specials. Also seen at the end of Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe, as well as the Paramount+ revival of Beavis and Butthead. Don't expect to see this logo on Duncanville, despite the company manager Dave Becky being one of the executive producers on the show.

7th Logo (October 24, 2016-)

Logo: On a light blue wall sheet, we see a wooden wall. Then a purple dodgeball hits the wall, as the company logo fades in (like the 3rd logo) with no gold circles moving behind it.

Variant: On Marlon, the logo is next to the Baby Way Productions logo.

Technique: A mix of live-action and 2D animation, like the 3rd logo.

Music/Sounds: The sound of a ball hitting the wall, followed by a drone (or the same synth note like before). Sometimes, the end theme of the show plays over, or a generic theme on NBC or CBS.

Availability: Seen on Man with a PlanMarlonAmerican Vandal, and stand up specials like The Comedy Get Down and The 5th Quarter. Used in tandem with the other logos.

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