20th Television/Logo Variations

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The Simpsons: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD from 2004, 1992-1993 season): The logo begins as normal, but as it zooms out, the logo zooms into the Simpsons' TV set. This was seen only on the "Promotional Stuff" featurette on the DVD set.

Futurama (1999-2003, 2008-2013): In 2008, on a few episodes that reran on local syndication, the 30th Century Fox effect also occurred with 20th Television. Like the standard 30th Century Fox logo, "30th" replaces "20th". Unlike the 30th Century Fox logo, however, the logo appears to be a cheap rush job. The bottom half of the logo, including the word "TELEVISION" as well as the byline, is not only stretched out vertically but also appears to have been cut out from the regular 20th Television logo and poorly pasted on top of the 30th Century Fox Television logo, with the front-right searchlight being sliced in half as a result. Additionally, the camera does not turn while zooming out (instead, the entire video zooms out with the logo already formed). Sometimes, there will either be no byline, or the logo will cut off before it fades in. On a 2011 sales reel, the logo animates just like the regular 20th Television logo, just with "3" replacing "2".

The Ricki Lake Show (2012-2013): On a 2012 sales reel, the print logo is in purple on a bright pink background with pink bubbles.

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