20th Century Studios Home Entertainment/Logo Variations

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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment (earlier as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment), with more to be added over time.

Alien (1979, 1999 DVD):

  • The 1995 logo starts as normal, but pillar-boxed and as the logo zooms out, some electrical buzzing can be heard, then the screen turns into static and the menu intro animation begins with text from the "Mother" computer (all from the film). The logo can be seen in the background a little bit with the green text still onscreen before the CG menu comes into view, making the logo freeze at the fade-out point. A small goof is that this logo was retained on international DVDs, but only through the static with the text onscreen.

The War of the Roses (1989, 2012 Filmmaker's Signature Series Blu-Ray):

  • The 2010 logo starts as normal, but darker. Once the News Corporation byline fades in, the camera zooms in between the "X" in "FOX" and the first "E" in "ENTERTAINMENT". There, Danny DeVito shows up to tell that The War of the Roses is out on Blu-Ray, tells the viewer that it is part of the "Filmmaker's Signature Series" banner, and tells the viewer to open their television. He is then seen eating popcorn on the "O", and drinking soda (well, we hope it IS soda) on the right searchlight. Back in between the "X" and "E", he writes his signature in white and then focuses it on the screen. Lastly, he tap dances as text reading "danny can't really tap dance..." fades in and out underneath, and the logo cuts out. This is considered as a "part logo, part promo" instead of a traditional logo.
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