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01 Distribution is an Italian distribution company founded on April 14, 2000, specializing in distribution of Italian films on home entertainment. In April 2011, the company merged with Rai Cinema.

1st Logo (2001-2017)

01 Distribution.jpeg

Logo: On a blue (or black, depending on the movie) starry background, a big shine appears. The shine fades away into the center of a circular steel object (actually a "0"), which rotates and zooms in. At a certain moment, it stops and a horizontal line comes out from the top part of the "0", before going down. The "0" starts to rotate again, and a shining effect deletes half of the horizontal line, making it an abstract "1". The stars fade away from the screen, leaving only the blue background. 11 horizontal shines appear and the word "DISTRIBUTION" fades on the place of the shines right before the shines fade away.

Variant: In the logo's early life, the trademarks of Rai Cinema and StudioCanal appeared below the logo and respectively, to the left and to the right.

Technique: Decent CGI.


  • 2001-2004: An ascending, synth trumpet music that turns into a culminating fanfare.
  • 2004-2017: Two shining sounds (one when the shines appear and another when the shining effect cancels half part of the horizontal line, the last one's pitch a bit lower), a rotating sound when the "0" rotates and zooms in, two electronic sounds when the horizontal line comes out, and a calm fanfare to finish it off.

Availability: Fairly common. Appears on DVDs distributed by this company in Italy.

2nd Logo (2017-)

01 Distribution (2017) (Credit - nomeslogos).png

Logo: On a black background, a thin blue line of light appears across the center of the screen, which starts to grow bigger over time as bars of blue light emerge from the center. As it grows to a large enough size, the light explodes into a burst of blue small particles and bigger, pink particles, creating a shockwave of blue lights that reveal a zooming starry background and the "01" from before made of blue flames that constantly flow. Nebula streaks are also seen flying around the logo as well. The "01" then solidifies into its normal state, but now in a heavy blue tint, and "DISTRIBUTION" wipes in below. The logo starts to slightly zoom out as a bar of light sweeps across it and the stars disappear, leaving a dark blue background.

Technique: High-quality CGI.

Music/Sounds: A luscious orchestral and piano fanfare.

Availability: Current. Seen on recent cinema and home video releases in Italy.

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