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(W)Holesome Products, Inc. is an animation studio formed by couple Stephen Holman and Josephine T. Huang. Although the company produced shorts prior to 2002 (most notably Life with Loopy), they didn't use a logo until that year.

(May 25-June 29, 2002)

Logo: A Norman Rockwell-esque painting of a girl with angel wings is holding a basket of fruits and a small television. She is standing in a field of flowers in front of a sunrise. The words "(W)HOLESOME PRODUCTS" surround the sun, not unlike Sunbow. The sun then glows brighter and the TV shines.

Technique: The sun glowing.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth theme.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on some episodes of Phantom Investigators, which hasn't aired in over 15 years and has never been released on home media.

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