Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Enterprises

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Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Enterprises was a company that was founded in June 1992 when Yorkshire and Tyne Tees merged together; it was made in a effort to keep the two companies afloat. However, this resulted in mostly monetary losses, especially since they overpaid for their franchises in the 1992 auction bid and therefore lost £7.9m by the end of 1993. Ward Thomas, the founder of Yorkshire Television, decided to turn his fortunes in and saved Yorkshire-Tyne Tees for the time being. On 26 June 1997, it was merged into Granada Media Group.


Logo: On a white background, four translucent purple squares come in from all four sides of the screen, with the top one being slower and having a solid square barely halfway on screen (might be an animation error), all blending into one solid square. As they merge together, the squares become more opaque and eventually turn fully solid as a yellow wreath design fades in the middle of the forming square, and the Yorkshire "Chevron" logo fades in and zooms out, pasting itself onto the square. When the logo becomes finished, the stacked serif text "YORKSHIRE TYNE TEES" fades in below the square, as well as a thick purple line with a large space between them. The text "ENTERPRISES" wipes in below in Arial lettering. Throughout the logo, 2 very light gray wreath patterns rotate in the background, one on each side and set in shifted positions, the left one being higher than the center and the right one being lower than the center.

Technique: The wreaths rotating, the squares merging together, the chevron zooming out, the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the programme.

Availability: Extinct.

  • So far, it has been only seen on Legend of the Tube on Channel 4.
  • This may have appeared on some other programmes produced by Yorkshire during the time period.
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