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Williams Street Productions, LLC is a production sub-arm of Cartoon Network established in 1994 first under the name of "Ghost Planet Industries" to produce animated shows for the young-adult audience. The company also opened a small subsidiary in 2003 as Williams Street West so that their creative director, Matt Harrigan could work for Viacom International and Williams Street without having to return to Atlanta constantly. It closed its doors shortly after he stopped working for Viacom (though the subsidiary was revived in 2017, however, it was closed again in 2020). All of the company's shows are currently aired on Adult Swim.

1st Logo (July 28, 1995-)

Nicknames: "The Space Ghost Logo", "The CN Building", "The CN Factory", "The Ghost Planet Industries Building", "The Adult Swim Logo"

Logo: On a very pale gray background, we see a corner shot of a dark gray building. Under it, it would say one of these texts:

  • July 28, 1995-December 25, 1998, May 7, 2001-January 1, 2003, April 12, 2004: "GHOST PLANET INDUSTRIES", in a "ghost" font.
  • October 8, 1999-: "WILLIAMS STREET", in the same font.

Trivia: The building is not the Williams Street office (however it's actually the TBS building at 1065 Williams Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia), but the Ghost Planet Industries building where Space Ghost does his interviews. The building appeared in CGI in the intros to SGC2C (starting with the show's S3 episode "Late Show") and later in Toonami.


  • There is also an inverted version of the GPI logo on season 7 of SGC2C.
    • The first episode of S7, "Kentucky Nightmare", used a slightly more distorted version of that variant, along with the S8 episode "Baffler Meal".
    • On the season 7 episode "The Justice Hole", this variant is completely blurred.
  • On most Adult Swim shows from 2012-2022, the logo has (barely readable) Cartoon Network copyright information that also waves like the logo, and it does not cut to the Cartoon Network "Skull". Also, the logo has been converted to letterbox. A few shows from the time frame however don't use the copyright info, alongside shows returning from that time frame in 2022 due to the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery.
    • From 2018-2022, the "A TimeWarner Company." part of the byline is replaced with "A WarnerMedia Company.", the rest of the logo though is the same.
    • On season 2 of Birdgirl, the copyright information is different, longer, and in a different font (presumably Impact?) and it no longer waves like the logo. Most of the time, the logo is slightly moved up to make room for said copyright information.
    • On the Off the Air episode "Nonsense", there is copyright information that is similar to the one on Birdgirl, but smaller and with the Adult Swim font (set in Helvetica Neue Condensed Heavy).
  • On Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak, the logo is on a paper taped to the background.
  • On The Eric Andre Show season 2 finale, the logo appears fuzzier than usual.
  • On Mister America, the logo appears in the end credits alongside the Magnolia Pictures and Abso Lutely Productions logos.
  • On the "analog video remix" for the Off the Air episode "NEWNOW", the logo is shaded midnight blue, mimicking the retro VHS theme of the episode. The word "EJECT" is also seen.
  • On the Off the Air episode "Patterns", the logo appears on Space Ghost's monitor with an airplane passing by leaving behind trails of smoke.
  • On the Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell episode "Fried Alive", blood is splattered onto the logo.
  • On the Gemusetto episode "Episode Two: A# Minor", there is a man in a circle on the upper left corner saying "Now, that's using your noodle."
  • On the first episode of Blade Runner: Black Lotus, the copyright information appears for a split-second before disappearing.
  • On Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell: The Cartoon and Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, the logo is redrawn and the "WILLIAMS STREET" text is in a different font.

FX/SFX: Very little, just the subtle waving of the logo.

Music/Sounds: The Mark VII Limited "Hammer" sound from 1967-1971, containing two strikes of the hammer (three for the Ghost Planet Industries version), being shortened on some shows.

Music/Sounds Trivia: This sound can be heard at the beginning of the SGC2C episode "Curling Flower Space".

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • In other cases, it used the closing theme of the show (if you listen closely, certain shows (such as early seasons of Robot Chicken) still have a bit of Master Shake from ATHF (voiced by Dana Snyder) yelling "Dance!" really quickly, which is taken from him saying "Dancing is forbidden!" from the first episode of ATHF).
  • Sometimes, it's silent. One example is the SGC2C S3 episode "Sharrock" to observe the memory of Sonny Sharrock, the show's musician.
  • On Squidbillies, it's the respective ending theme of the show.
  • On the SGC2C S7 episode "Kentucky Nightmare", the music is a long held out metal guitar riff played 2 times in place of the hammer strikes.
    • A similar variant appeared on the S8 episode, "Baffler Meal", but also includes Space Ghost (voiced by George Lowe) yelling "NOOOO!!!".
  • On The Eric Andre Show episode "The Eric Andre Show 15", the logo cuts out early and we hear the 2nd hammer strike while the screen is black.
  • On The Eric Andre Show season 2 finale, the logo has a darker sound that gets slightly louder.
  • On Aqua Something You Know Whatever (the ninth season of ATHF), a random quote from the specific episode is right after a hammer strike.
  • On the China, IL episode "Dream Reamer", a "Skull!" sound from the 2001 Cartoon Network Productions logo is heard.
  • On the season 3 finale of Rick and Morty on Netflix, the French audio track has a low pitched version, which is also the case for the other logos before it and the whole episode.
  • On the Off the Air episode "Moon", musak is heard instead.
  • On the Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell episode "Fried Alive", a shotgun sound effect with a splatter is heard due to the end of the episode, in which a Hell employee tries to commit suicide by shooting himself through the mouth.
  • On the Gemusetto episode "Episode Two: A# Minor", the tail end of the next-week music and the man's dialogue is heard instead.

Availability: Common.

  • The "Ghost Planet Industries" variant can be found on 1995-2001 episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast starting with the S2 episode, "Sleeper" (as well as its finale "Live At The Fillmore", aired in 2004, due to the fact that said episode is unfinished and so its entire end credits sequence, logos and all, is just the one from the GPI-era episode "Kentucky Nightmare"), as well as the rather obscure Cartoon Planet.
  • The "Williams Street" one can be seen on most shows Williams Street has produced, and SGC2C episodes from season 6. It is also seen at the beginning of Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theaters. It can also be seen on Rick and Morty, as well as season 5 of Samurai Jack, and the 2 new FLCL seasons (Progressive and Alternative) as well. Strangely, this logo does not appear on IGPX (both the 2003 microseries and the full 26-episode show from 2005), probably due to the fact that the show aired on CN's Toonami rather than on Adult Swim.

Legacy: A remarkable logo due to its sampling of a logo theme from the past, its dark and unique concept and its longevity.

2nd Logo (October 8-December 3, 1999, September 2, 2001-April 5, 2012)

Nicknames: "The Space Ghost Logo II", "The CN Building II", "The CN Factory II", "The Ghost Planet Industries Building II", "The Adult Swim Logo II"

Logo: Same as before, but the letters are farther apart (and in a different font), the waving is bigger and it has a smoother and faster rate. The image quality is also better.

Trivia: This logo variant was featured in an Adult Swim bump from 2010.


  • Stroker and Hoop used a copyright stamp below the logo.
  • On the Xavier: Renegade Angel episode "Bloodcorn", the logo is red due to the end of the episode, in which the planet Earth cries blood that floods the universe after turning into a giant eyeball.
  • On the Earth Ghost pilot, the logo is in sepia.
  • On the Squidbillies episode "Meth O.D. to My Madness", the logo is squished to the left with Early's PSA on the right.

FX/SFX: The waving.

Music/Sounds: Same as before. On Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo, Squidbillies and some episodes of Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil, it's the closing theme of the show, or a soundbite.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • When this logo debuted on the SGC2C episode "Chambraigne", we hear three strikes of the hammer.
  • On the Xavier: Renegade Angel episode "Bloodcorn", the audio is muffled with the sound of liquid blood pouring.

Availability: It was first seen on the SGC2C episode "Chambraigne", and is regularly seen on Sealab 2021, Squidbillies (seasons 1 and 2; except for "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble"), Frisky Dingo, Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil (starting with the second episode) and season 2 of Delocated. It was also seen on the first episode of Stroker and Hoop.

Legacy: Merely a variant of the logo above, but the image quality is clearer.

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