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WildBrain Spark is a multi-national network owned by WildBrain (formerly DHX Media) that distributes and produces programming across YouTube and other digital platforms.


1st Logo (February 24, 2016-2017)


Logo: On a white background, a blue rocket ship with eyeballs, stars and hearts as the flame of the rocket flies around and then red letters forming the word "W!LDBRAiN" pop up (the first dot is yellow, and the second one is blue) as the rocket passes.


  • There is an alternate version that lacks the rocket ship. Instead, the "W" slides in, followed by the "B". The "W" then slides to the left as the rest of the letters emerge from the "B", rotating as they do so. The dots then pop out, with the blue dot having blue circles coming out of it when it does so.
  • On later episodes of the Brum CGI series, the logo appeared with the character Moo the Cow.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: An off-tune trumpet playing the "play ball" theme, along with sparkles. For the alternate version, some cartoon sound effects (including squeezing and zooming) are heard. This is Heard- under a xylophone ditty.

Availability: Rare, appeared on WildBrain-operated YouTube channels and web-series before late 2017.

2nd Logo (2017-2019)

Logo: On a white background, we see a red rounded "U" shape being formed. The shape then gains eyes and a mouth and then begins to stretch more, which forms a rounded "W" with 3 eyes and 2 mouths. The word "WildBrain" slides up from the bottom of the screen letter by letter.


  • On DJ Lance and the Upbeat Retreatǃ, when the animation finishes, the logo flips to the show's logo.
  • Starting in 2018, there's now a searchbar that types "WildBrain" and clicks on the search icon before the "WildBrain" text appears.
  • On late Season 2-early Season 3 episodes of Caillou's New Adventures, the logo is superimposed in the beginning shot of the episode, but it has a transparent outline, playing its usual animation before fading out.
  • On the Animal Mechanicals web series, a CGI version of the "W" without the mouths falls down to the ground, gets up, and then spins around to form the normal logo but with "Studios" above "WildBrain".
  • On Boy and Dragon, in a paper background, we see a pencil quickly drawing something, which reveals to be a drawing of the WildBrain logo. Then, it fades to the normal logo, and a page flips a few seconds later.

Technique: 2D animation. For the Animal Mechanicals web series variant, it utilizes CGI.

Music/Sounds: Various sound effects, ending with little pops.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the searchbar variant, typing sounds are heard as the normal sounds play, a clicking sound when the search icon gets pressed followed by little kids saying the company's name.
  • On the superimposed variant, the beginning of the show is heard.
  • On the Animal Mechanicals web series, a falling sound as the "W" is falling, followed by a thud with some popping and whooshing sounds, and lastly little kids saying the company's name.
  • On Boy & Dragon, drawing sounds are heard when the pencil appears, and then we hear little kids saying the company's name. It ends with a flipping page sound.

Availability: No longer current but still common. Many WildBrain-operated channels and web series used this at the beginning of uploads until November 2019.

WildBrain Spark

(2019- )

Logo: On a white background, two shapes with eyes pop out, and a third one appears from the side of the second, forming a new "W" shape (the same one as the WildBrain logo from 2019, but in red). The text "WildBrain" slides up letter-by-letter from the bottom of the screen, like the 2nd logo.


  • On late Season 3 onwards of Caillou's New Adventures, the logo is superimposed over the beginning shot of the episode like the last logo but without an outline.
  • On Boy & Dragon, it's basically the same as the last logo but with the new logo instead.
  • On several episodes of the fifth season of Caillou's New Adventures made for Kindness.org, the superimposed variant is used but the logo is smaller and moved to the left. Next to the logo is a plus symbol which pops in, and next to that is an animation of a stylized "K" (Kindness.org's logo) forming. A rounded black rectangle wipes up, with two rhombuses (one pink, and one blue) appearing as well. While all of this is happening, "kindness.org" wipes in from the right.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Pop sounds as the W forms, followed by kids saying the company's name from the searchbar variant of the last logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The superimposed variant has the beginning music and sounds of the show.
  • On Boy & Dragon, it's the same as the last logo.

Availability: Current. It can be seen on many WildBrain-operated channels and web-series since November 2019.

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