Weintraub Entertainment Group Television

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Descriptions by
codyfinke and Eric S.

Captures by
Eric S. and Shadeed A. Kelly

Editions by
Shadeed A. Kelly

Video captures courtesy of
Eric S.


Weintraub Entertainment Group Television was the short-lived television arm of the independent production company Weintraub Entertainment Group.


Logo: On a black background, we see a "W" made out of copper with lines (a la Taft International Pictures "Swirling Star" logo), which goes dark and bright back and forth. Under it, the words "WEINTRAUB ENTERTAINMENT GROUP TELEVISION" in white is seen.

Trivia: This was basically the last seconds of the movie logo, which was enlarged.

Variant: At the end of 1990 prints (as well as the season 3 UK DVD release) of The Avengers, this logo is seen in black & white with "DISTRIBUTED BY" above without "TELEVISION".

Technique: The "W" darkening and brightening.

Music/Sounds: Either the end theme or it's silent.

Availability: Extremely rare. Only appeared on the TV movie The Karen Carpenter Story, which is out of print and the black & white version was seen on 1990 prints and the season 3 UK DVD release of The Avengers.

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