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Visual Entertainment Group was an Australian DVD and VHS Distributor which went defunct around 2012

1st Logo (1994-2004)

Visual Entertainment Group logo 1.jpg

Logo: On a white background a 3D BLUE Ball fades in with the words, VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, moving around it, it moves behind the ball, then a stylized V zooms around the ball with the 3D Text VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP zooming underneath it, it remains in place for about 10 seconds before cutting to black.

Technique: Cheap CGI That was decent for it's time, especially for a low budget sports dvd distributor.

Music/Sounds: A Fast Synth whoosh then a Descending synth drone.

Availability: Seen on AFL and NRL DVDs of its time more common on Grand Final DVDs from before 2005 e.g: Every North Melbourne Grand Final DVD has this logo.

2nd Logo (2004-2010)

Visual entertainment group logo 2.jpg

Logo: On an Orange Firey Background, a white comet like object zooms into the centre of the flamey background, it explodes and as the explosion fades away the Visual Entertainment Group logo Zooms in, then the text "More titles available where you bought this DVD" fades in, We fade to black.

Variants: On DVD's after 2007 it had a Destra Entertainment logo underneath the V-Ball.

Technique: Cheap CGI, The fire background looks like an animated gif, the "comet" looks superimposed onto it, the Visual Entertainment Logo zooming in just looks out of place.

Music/Sounds: A short whoosh and then a explosion followed by a whoosh with a reverse cymbal sound.

Availability: On Any Visual Entertainment Group DVD from the Mid to Late 2000's

3rd Logo (2010-2012)

Visual Entertainment Group Logo 3.jpg

Logo: On a blue, smoke like background, the text "Visual Entertainment Group" flies in as a small burst creates the "V-Ball", this V-Ball is noticeably different from the other logos, it is brighter, cleaner, and the shades of blue are lighter, streaks of light come out of the side of the V-Ball, a black gradient bar with the text in white "More titles available where you bought this DVD." The logo fades in, then cuts to black.

Technique: The 3D text flying in, the blast effects, the logo forming, the light streaks out of it, the CGI is a improvement and it looks less cheap when compared to past iterations, the background is animated in 3D as well, a major improvement from the last two.

Music/Sounds: A low hum, followed by a strange underwater blast, then a 4-note low synth ditty, the low hum continues throughout.

Availability: Scarce. Found on a 2011 DVD of So Join in the Chorus - A History of the North Melbourne Football Club.

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