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Video Selection Australia (VSA) was an Australian video label that mainly distributed animated films and documentaries. It distributed through Roadshow Entertainment and in the 90's the company started to distribute some ABC Video tapes.

1st logo (Late 1980s-1993)

Logo: We see a white box with a black outline. On the top are the words "Distributed by" in the middle we see the words "VIDEO SELECTION AUSTRALIA". There is a red line between the words "SELECTION" and "AUSTRALIA".

Variant: The logo may sometimes be on a white background without the box.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None

Availability: Only seen in Australia on tapes distributed by VSA. The Magic Riddle is one tape that had this logo. Can also be seen on 1991-1993 ABC Video tapes, with the 1992 VHS of ABC For Kids: Video Hits Vol. 2 being one of the examples to have this logo. Some known tapes that have the variant are the 1991 VHS release of Spot's First Video, and the 1991 VHS release of ABC For Kids: Video Hits (the 1993 re-print of the VHS removes it, however).

2nd Logo (1993-Late 1990s)

Logo: Just a text message with the words "PROUDLY DISTRIBUTED BY" up the top of the screen, the VSA logo (the logo's letters are in white and the unfilled spaces are green) and a byline which features the VR bug and the words "A DIVISION OF ROADSHOW ENTERTAINMENT"

FX/SFX: Again, none.

Music/Sounds: Again, none.

Availability: Harder to find but should appear on all Australian tapes by the company, mostly by ABC Video.

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