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heyo. just some random 15yo dude from youtube who just came here for some page creations and stuff like that. currently can't explain much of myself tho, so enjoy being here ig. currently a final space fanatic

Some page creations

Lifejoy Production Centre
Wai Ei Agency Co
Visão Filmes
ABC Production Limited
Nontanund Entertainment

Rompeolas Film & Video
Trident Video
Aplicaciones y Servicios de Video
Septimo Arte Exhibicion
Play Films
Limar Film
Splendid Video
Screen Entertainment (Germany)
Astor Video
Video Village
Republic Amusements
Park Home Video
Elite Productions
Citymax Video Production
Video Rai
Cosmos Film
Fonit Cetra Video
Draft:Alaska Video Postcards
Videoline Productions
Gospel Light Video
Foc Video
Group W Productions (Spain)
MTT SA Producciones

Golden Films Internacional S.A. Video
Delta 4 Interactive
Cinema 2000
TAD Corporation
Mercuri Video
Trans-Overseas Pictures
Goldwyn Home Video
Video Palace
Paraguachoa Films
Barber International Films
American Zoetrope DVD Lab
Planeta Agostini
Walsh Video
Shooting Star Film Company
Medcom, Inc.
Bright Ideas
Avanta Productions
Video Lib
Draft:Arait Multimedia
Videosonic (Spain)
Premier Films
Ochre Moving Pictures
Meldac Video
Hatract Films Limited
Draft:First Choice (1983-1984)
First Choice Superchannel
First Choice (1989-1993)
Europa TV
Efepe Films
Richard Price Television Associates
Humming Bird Co Ltd.
Aberdeen Cable
Atípica Films
Kyowa Film
La Sept Vidéo

Random facts

  • i sometimes do spanish pages oftenly
  • i hit 666 edits after uploading the 2nd Virgin Sound and Vision image, i know i sound dumb lmao
  • i mainly contribute on adding images on most pages
  • addicted with final space, mostly little cato over his look
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