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Descriptions by
Sagan Blob


This is Basil Iwanyk's production company, formed in 2000.

1st Logo (October 24, 2014-September 12, 2020)

Logo: We see the bottom of the roller coaster's rail, which slowly rises to a rollercoaster. We quickly rotate from the behind to the front of the roller coaster, which reveals "THUNDER ROAD" on board above them. Finally, the roller coaster goes downwards.


Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Starts with some rollercoaster noises, followed by people shouting when the rollercoaster goes down.

Availability: Common. Seen on John Wick, and the TV series The Messengers, among others.

2nd Logo (December 18, 2020-)

Logo: We again start on a rollercoaster cart with some people riding it. The rollercoaster then goes downwards (which forms into a filmstrip to flashing up) as it all cuts out to a black screen with the neon, blue words "THUNDER ROAD", with the "TH" and "UN" connected.


  • Concept art for some unused ideas for the logo can be found here.
  • More fully realized unused designs can be found on the Black Book website, including one that uses a ferris wheel instead of a roller coaster.

Technique: CGI by Black Book Studio. This was designed by Filmograph.

Music/Sounds: Some rollercoaster noises, the opening theme of the movie or none.

Availability: Current and common. Seen on newer films from the company, such as Bruised, Greenland, Voyagers and National Champions.

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