The Bureau of Mass Communications/New York State Education Department

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(September 22, 1975-December 14, 1978, April 21-May 12, 1980)

Logo: A fuzzy red sculpture with a thin blue line is seen in the center of a black background. The line then turns around to reveal two spinning film reels, and the film reels and structure begin to zoom out. As this happens, the structure then becomes focused, forming a connected "mc" as "the bureau of mass communications" zooms out underneath the letters. The words then change into "new york state education department" The film reels continue to spin.

Variant: On Vegetable Soup, a number in a strange font phases into place in the "c" as the film reels continue to spin. The number in the C at the end represents the episode number of the series.

Technique: The animation in the logo appears to be Scanimation. While ahead of its time, it looks eccentric.

Music/Sounds: A happy synth tune with "clapping noises", along with flourishing synths.

Availability: Seen on the educational series Vegetable Soup and High Feather.

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