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Logo descriptions by BigRene2

1st (known) Logo (1989-1994)

Logo: We fade into a black background with gray squares on the bottom, along with a big pink shape. Comets shoot all over the logo throughout, just like in the 1988 NBC ID. The background begins to rotate into place, and we get to zoom out of what appears to be a pink oval, which is next an odd turquoise-colored “3”, which also rotates into place, then positions itself just like the NBC ID, underneath “ONLY ON”, which rises upwards. The gray squares fade out just before the animation is completed, and the comets continue shooting.

Technique: The rotating of the logo and the comets.

Music/Sounds: A catchy upbeat synth tune, with singers singing “TV3, come home to the feeling, come home to the feeling, only on 3! TV3!!”.

Availability: Extinct.

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