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1st Logo (2004-2007)


2nd Logo (2007-2009)

Logo: The original logo features the deeply rounded blue rectangle with the letters ТВ (TV) and three dots to the right. The logo is 3D and shiny. But it's never used clearly at the vignettes. It is over 11 various modifications of hands showing this logo to us. Below the picture, there are words: НАСТОЯЩИЙ МИСТИЧЕСКИЙ (The Real Mystical).

Variants: There were a lot of variations. So, the TV3 shield was being held by...

  • Kidbox: ...clown's arm outside of the play box. Circus tune is heard.
  • Ghost: ...ghostly matter in the old castle.
  • Octopus: octopus' tentacle at the sea bottom. Deep sea sound is heard.
  • Harpy: ...a claw of beast flying in the sky.
  • Evil Genius: ...a black metal hand (Sauron?). One of the iron fingers tap the logo several times.
  • Alien: ...a green alien hand through the spaceship window. During New Year, the champagne cork flied by.
  • Knight: ...a knight's arm in a battle ammunition. We hear battle sounds and a horn.
  • Plant: ...a leaf of plant. The logo was snow-decorated during New Year.
  • Robot: android hand. The announcer is computerized.
  • Deadman: ...a dead man's arm emerged from the grave. Creeps! See the logo attached above.
  • Micromen: ....a dozen of very long and thin green arms pushing the logo from the bottom.
  • Yeti: ... a yeti's hand.
  • New Year: ...special variant where it's held by hand in mitten seen through icy window.
  • There are one or two variants more.

Technique: The animation of the hand involved.

Music/Sounds: A special whistling tune with some noise depending on situation, followed by the male announcer says: ТВ3 - Настоящий Мистический (TV3 - The Real Mystical). On a DVD releases, he also adds PRESENTS after this.

Availability: Appeared on TV3 Channel premises. The Deadman logo was spotted on a documentary DVD. In later times, the idents were changed to look longer and more realistic (for example, the harpy not only catched the logo, but first revealed itself from stone statue and jumped he roof, etc.). It's no more current since 1st October 2009.

3rd Logo (2009-2012)


4th Logo (September 1, 2012 - October 31, 2015)


5th Logo (November 1, 2015-)


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