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HiddenResearcher, angelpichu1, videomaster13 and CooleyBoy10

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Background: Synch-Point was an anime and manga licensing company originally formed in 2001 as a subsidiary of Digital Manga. In 2002, Synch-Point was purchased by Japanese media company Broccoli, becoming their main North American distributor. The company stopped issuing new releases in 2005, and was closed in 2008 alongside Broccoli's withdrawal from the North American market.


Logo: On a swirling dark blue background, two rows of four circles pass by each other in opposite ways. A square forms around the circles, trapping some of the left behind ones, forming a stylized blue "S". The square shrinks a bit and below it a waveform of an audio file fades in. A line passes through the waveform, making "Synch-Point" wipe in. The line on the top and bottom of the waveform fades away.

Technique: The circles, square, and waveform line moving.

Music/Sounds: A swelling of synths against beeping noises, then a synthesized fanfare.

Availability: Rare, as their releases have been out of print for a decade. Can be seen on the original VHS and/or DVD releases of I'm Gonna Be an Angel, Aquarian Age: The Movie, Di Gi Charat, and FLCL.

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