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(Early-Mid '80s)

Sundowner Home Video (Early-Mid '80s).jpg

Logo: We start with an eclipsed picture of the Earth zooming out against a black background. Then, a blue aura glows around it and stars form in the right as some yellow squares with pink shadows form behind in from the right. A second set of squares in the same colors along with a white square (also with a pink shadow) with the Sundowner logo on it (which will be described later) begin to spiral in and settle below the Earth. Then, the Sundowner squares fly off to the right, the yellow and pink squares fly off to the top, and the Sundowner squares zoom in from the Earth. They turn a bit and zoom forth, taking up the whole screen. The Sundowner logo consists of "SUNDOWNER" (in purple) with a red circle for the O and a pair of thick arcing lines colored dark purple and pale purple at the top. A red 5-pointed star flashes and "HOME VIDEO" appears below.

Technique: The 2D chyron effects used for most of the animations, and those gaudy '80s neon colors used for the squares. Not the best '80s logo effects-wise, but still pretty good.

Music/Sounds: It starts off with a wind-blowing sound, followed by a synthesized harp fanfare that plays when the Earth globe starts glowing. An announcer says "The following feature is brought to you by Sundowner Home Video.".

Availability: Rare; seen on PAL tapes released in Australia and New Zealand, such as Spaceship (also known as The Creature Wasn't Nice).

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