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Editions by
mr3urious, Pumpkinman99, Prodigy012 and TheRealMarcel2000‎

Video captures courtesy of
Plasma Storm


Star Farm Productions was formed in 2003 by Trish Lindsay, Rick Carton and Sara Berliner in Chicago, Illinois. The company's first and so far only property was the Edgar and Ellen book and television series. In 2005, Star Farm along with Studio B Productions produced the animated Edgar and Ellen shorts for Nicktoons. In 2007, Star Farm along with Bardel Entertainment produced the Edgar and Ellen animated series which also debuted on Nicktoons Network.

(2005-September 3, 2007, October 7, 2007-October 30, 2008)

Logo: On a farm with a plowed field with stars sticking out of it, two trees, a barn (which has the word "GROW" on the roof) with a silo and a small fence in the background, all at night, we see the words "STAR FARM PRODUCTIONS" as 5 stars fly over the words from right to left and form an arc as the stars in the sky and in the field glow one by one.

Variant: In the logo's early days, the logo only had the text fading in and no stars in the sky.

Technique: The stars flying over the words and the stars in the sky and in the field glowing one by one.


  • Edgar and Ellen (shorts): Cricket chirps with a dog barking in the background.
  • Edgar and Ellen (series): A choir note with some cricket chirps followed by an animal noise.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Edgar and Ellen (series), the following sound variants can be found:
    • "It Came from the Sub-Basement / Beast of Show / Edgar's Satchel: Getting Antsy", "To the Moon / A Midsummer's Nightmare / Heimertz's Family Album: The Mustache" and "Picture Imperfect / Pasta Their Prime / Nod's Limbs' Public Access: Stephanie's "How to Be Like Me" - Elephant call
    • "Gross Inspection / Bolty, The Friendly Robot / Ellen's Horrorscopes: Them Bones" and "Bon Voyage, Stephanie / Prankly Speaking / The All-Knowing Head of Poe: Star Crazy" - Dolphin chirp
    • "Trickery Dickery Clock / Dr. Edgar and Dr. Ellen / The Secret Life of Pet: Viva Pet!" and "Rare Birds Fiends / Prank Insurance / The All-Knowing Head of Poe: Sisters" - Bird call
    • "For Art's Sake / The Game's Afootie / Heimertz's Family Album: His First Accordion" and "Twinvasion / Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty / Ellen's Horrorocopes: Feet of Fate" - Monkey noises
    • "Commander in Stripes / Ellen vs. Slug / The All-Knowing Head of Poe: An Eggcellent Question" and "Scam Artist Shuffle / Bob's Limbs / The Secret Life of Pet: Trip to Atlantis" - Lion roar
    • "Prankster Wannabe / Satchel Bandits / Edgar's Satchel: Lepre-Conned" - Frog croaking
  • Please note that these variants have appeared on multiple episodes however they debuted on the ones listed above.

Availability: Seen on the Edgar and Ellen series which last aired in 2010. The early variant can be seen on the Edgar and Ellen shorts which were last aired in 2007.

Legacy: This is a memorable logo for anyone who enjoyed the Edgar and Ellen series and the animation is well done for its time.

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