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posted 39 days ago

Hey Luke2505, i have a request for you. Please could you add the 2004 ITV endcaps such as ITV Border, ITV Central, ITV Granada, ITV London, ITV West and ITV Westcountry, respectively? These were actually introduced on February 2, 2004 (which was also exactly the same day that Granada and Carlton finally merged to form ITV plc) according to this:

Hope this might help IMO.

posted 40 days ago

Honestly Luke2505, i haven't put captures from Nion on the Wiki at all and please don't be angry with me for that.

posted 41 days ago

Hey Luke2505, i've just spotted a rare opening variant of the 1988 ITC Entertainment "Gold Diamonds" logo in which the words "Entertainment Group" wipes in after the ITC letters shine which was seen on a February 10, 2023 airing of the 1989 TV movie "Love and Betrayal" aka "Throwaway Wives" on Virgin Media Three and it also has a different theme which is also heard on the 1991 movie "Wedlock" as well, but i'm having problems trying to add that different theme to the ITC Entertainment page. Can you please do that Luke2505 and that would be great IMO.



posted 44 days ago

Hey Luke2505, you know that slanted and underlined BBC logo which was designed by Michael Peters? It was actually introduced in 1986 according to this:

The 1986 slanted and underlined BBC logo also even appeared on the 9th December 1987 edition of the BBC's Nine O'Clock News with Martyn Lewis CBE and former Meridian newsreader Debbie Thrower and uploaded by YouTube user jamestheposh, see here (at around 3:27 to 3:50) :

It also actually appears on the front cover of a See For Yourself BBC Review '87 magazine that came with the 2-8 January 1988 edition of the Radio Times released in late December 1987.


posted 45 days ago

Hey Luke2505, are you also uploading captures of logos from Nion's Media Archive YouTube page as well?

posted 46 days ago

Hello Luke2505, i have a request:

Please could you update the Central Productions page about the V1 Central endcap featuring a flatter-looking Central cake logo which was used from September 1, 1989 until 1993 and the V2 Central endcap which was introduced in early 1990 in which the Central cake logo looks exactly the same as the 1988 Central ident, except that the fourth and fifth blocks of the Central cake logo were recoloured from light green and light blue to green and blue respectively?

Thanks in advance IMO.

posted 47 days ago

Hello Luke2505, pleased to meet you. I'm Michael Robert Kenchington and i'm from Ashington, Northumberland, UK and i was born on the 4th of July 1986.

I must say i like your YouTube channel which is here:

Also, are you planning to upload images of logos on AVID (formerly CLG Wiki) as well?

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