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posted 348 days ago

SnowflakesOmega would disagree on the so-called "war footage" being a "part" of the 1972 Rangeela Productions logo, as he explained in his "Top 25 Overrated Scary Logos" list:

I had seen this take the number 1 spot of so many of these "top 1x00 scary logos" lists already, and yeah, I get it. This is totally startling to encounter as an introduction to a movie itself. But, you are absolutely missing out something...


Yeah, there is absolutely no such thing as the war footage officially being "part" of this logo. Any many people still believe this is, in fact, part of it, largely making my part to spend a few minutes talking about why this should NOT be considering when referring to this again.

These magnificent 12 seconds you saw earlier are just THE FIRST SCENE of the film it was originally featured in. "Kubra Ashiq". Look up the film again and watch AT LEAST the first few minutes of it and you'll understand why.

"But Snowflakes, why was the explosion also featured in another one of their films?"

[shows the Do Rangeeley "variant" of the logo in question]


Because the people who did this supposed "variant" were lazy HACKS who decided to reuse the still shot from the introductory explosion of Kubra Ashiq alone and don't care about anything else when making another logo. Yeah, they directly re-used the in-credit footage and placed a red color onto the text.

Kubra Ashiq, personally to me, is a film about a military officer who gets stranded into the forest (yeah, from the first 5 minutes of it before the rest of the opening credits happen) and has to adapt to the live there. What was the "war footage" supposed to represent?

...well. You now get the idea.

From a brief search in the internet all the information I could find is that it was an adaptation of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". I of course can't understand anything by details.

I just don't want everyone to misinterpretate this logo again. This is pretty much one of the few cases something like this made me geniunely angry.

Rangeela Productions of 1972, is, no doubt, the most overrated "scary logo" of ALL time. Of all time. Just because idiots on the internet can't check the context of the movie as a whole instead they have to represent a totally misleading opening scene as being part of the logo alone.

That's the reason why it's #1 on this list.
— User:SnowflakesOmega
posted 898 days ago

Sorry for ruined the Allspark Pictures page in 1 week ago, because this logo is currently used as of 2020.

posted 918 days ago

Thanks for editing the Pascal Pictures page I created.

posted 1012 days ago

Thanks for catching that slip-up on the Muppet Studios Page. I copied the whole page over from the Fandom site to simplify things since there was some tricky text formatting going on and all the markup/formatting there was already done. Must have missed that it was still using scare factors.

posted 1063 days ago

Hi! I would like to let you know that I have posted something on the THX talk page discussing the trailer dispute. We can discuss it there.

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