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22:09, 8 January 2023 Uni-VanHelsingTVHD.png (file) 725 KB An HD capture of the Van Helsing TV spot variant of the Universal Pictures logo. Taken from [https://youtu.be/Jb6Av3GU3Ao?t=348 this upload]. Yes
06:44, 24 December 2022 WFAA-TVSignoff70s.jpg (file) 140 KB The 1970s sign-off for the WFFA TV channel, reused for the 2009 analog shutdown. Yes
18:34, 1 November 2022 VVAlchemy-43.PNG (file) 241 KB The regular Vicarious Visions Alchemy logo. Captured from X-Men Legends on Xbox via xemu. Yes
17:20, 1 November 2022 VVAlchemyHD.PNG (file) 845 KB The HD/16:9 version of the Vicarious Visions Alchemy logo. Captured from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS3 via RPCS3. Yes
17:18, 1 November 2022 VVAlchemy.PNG (file) 114 KB The main Vicarious Visions Alchemy logo, though in a 16:9 frame. Captured from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on PS3, via RPCS3. Yes
17:16, 1 November 2022 IntrinsicAlchemy.png (file) 128 KB The early logo for Vicarious Vision Alchemy, when it still went as Intrinsic Alchemy. Captured from Crash Nitro Kart on Xbox, via xemu. Yes
16:23, 18 March 2022 HPHE.png (file) 630 KB A high-quality capture of the Home Entertainment variant of the Hollywood Pictures Home Entertainment logo. Capped from a friend's copy of the 2008 Blu-ray of The Rock. Yes
08:51, 13 March 2022 66bc14267eb2fd3f29269469c9f9017a.png (file) 1.59 MB Slightly higher res version. Yes
01:15, 3 January 2022 Universal (Twister International variant, 1996).png (file) 742 KB Higher-res version capped from Pepsi9072's video from the Peacock print. Needs a direct capture. Yes
02:47, 15 November 2021 TAPJatW.PNG (file) 606 KB The ''Jingle all the Way'' variant of the 2nd logo of the [[THX Theatre Alignment Program. Capped from the Disney+ print of the aforementioned film. Yes
06:43, 24 October 2021 Hollywood Pictures Home Video (1997).png (file) 2.09 MB A mid-quality DVD capture of the Hollywood Pictures Home Video logo, likely taken from a LaserDisc master. Capped from the 1997 DVD of Tombstone. Yes
23:01, 23 June 2020 Ahshit.jpg (file) 472 KB Using for a thread. Yes
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