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Compiled by
SuperMax124 and Camenati


This is the vanity plate of Ted Demme.

(January 23, 1997-May 22, 1999)

Logo: Fading in, one side is colored white whereas the other is teal with an gray outline of an "S" with a light twirling around inside. To the left is a silhouette of a man giving a thumbs up with a teal box covering his right arm. Several frames into the logo shows the man with a face and in a suit and tie. Then to the right, two copies of the company's full name in black and yellow respectively slide over the right side while a gold copy of the "S" outline on the teal side is shown spinning around inside the teal box to the left. When all of the text stops moving, speed lines wipe in around the box as well as a mint-colored apostrophe to the top right. Finally, "in association with" in black within a yellow bar fades in on the bottom portion of the teal side of the logo.

Trivia: The picture of the man is sourced from a stock image featuring said person holding a blue coat. This was also used by various local dry cleaners across the United States.

Variant: On A Lesson Before Dying, the logo is darker, cropped in a box and still.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Just the sound effect of a baby wailing, or none.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on The Concert for RAINN Featuring Tori Amos and the 1999 TV film A Lesson Before Dying.

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