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Sierra Sports was formed in February 1998 by Sierra On-Line as part of a company restructuring, and functioned as Sierra On-Line's sports games strand. Sierra development studios Synergistic Software and Papyrus Design Studio were all composed as part of the label, and the label also published several of Dynamix's sports games.

In 2001, the brand was retired upon a reorganization within Sierra On-Line, with all future titles being released solely under the "Sierra" brand.


Logo: We see the 1998 Sierra logo ("SIERRA" in a strange font with a "wing" on the "S" made from spikes) in red. The golden "wing" is extended downwards and three thick spikes are attached to it, forming a star under the wordmark. Under all of this is the big word "SPORTS" in a more straightforward font.


  • On NASCAR titles published under the label, the logo flips in from the distance, followed by "SPORTS" slamming in under it. The logo then transitions via a "flip" effect to the Papyrus Design logo.
  • On Field & Stream 3D and 4, the logo is still on a pond background. The Dynamix furball walks in under it from the right with a fishing rod. He then swings the rod and fishes out the Dynamix logo, then says "Phew, Sierra!".
    • On the latter game, after the furball is done fishing, a fish eats the bait on the rod and drags the furball down altogether.

Technique: Depends on the variant.

Music/Sounds: Crowd cheering and slams on the NASCAR variant, the sounds of the fishing rod and the furball on the Field & Stream variants.

Availability: Seen on sports games published under the label, most notably those with the NASCAR license.

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