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This was the white-oriented television channel of the apartheid-era South African Broadcasting Corporation. It broadcasted in both Afrikaans and English and aired both local and imported shows (mostly from the United States). A majority of the imported content was dubbed into Afrikaans, while the original English audio track aired on Radio 2000 beginning in 1986. In early 1996, SABC restructured its television channels, creating SABC 1, while renaming this channel to "SABC 2".

1st (known) logo (1985-1988?)

Logo: We see a gold 3D map of South Africa that turns to the left and shines, later exit via trail, "TV" (with a blue highlight) flips, and finally "1" appear via trail and places next to "TV", it turns to the left (revealing to be a 3D object) and finally shines.

Technique: Uses of modeling effects and video feedback, as well as the shining of the '1'. Decent animation for its time.

Music/Sounds: A catchy synth-pop jingle.

Availability: Extinct. Check YouTube or tape trading.

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